Since caveman times, no one has dusted off the book. In the 70s, women entered the workplace and assimilated, even have for decades told exactly what to wear (what?).

The woman who succeeds hold onto her seat at the executive table with white knuckles because it took so.much.time.and.effort (I know this because I spent my career at the table to convey big messages). Collateral damage along the way, she's not budging.

Let's get those stale executives - all x's - to relinquish their seats and empower younger, creative and critical thinkers. Aren't we born to help others - for instance as parents - to exceed our own successes?


Our Vision

We exercise the highest amount of integrity in all that we do. Our strength is to empower and uplift others by sharing our experience and talents. Our goal is to improve businesses and teams, helping to shape better workplace communities.  We assist with creating impactful communication, enabling productivity through efficiency, and empowering unlimited organizational success. We want your success to encompass financial, personal and team achievements.


Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way people do business in business by empowering leaders and teams with unlimited exploration of their secret sauce. We want employees to enjoy working for their employer, which means that they need to be valued, heard and treated fairly. Long gone are the patriarchal ways of doing business.

We assist in weaving the core values of an organization into everything they do. We identify details that their stakeholders need, perpetuating the essence of a company’s core values. We believe that through the successful implementation of business tools - branding, marketing, leadership development and training - organizations accomplish goals while keeping their key constituents engaged. 

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