Founders Mastermind

A space for founders, solo- or entre-preneurs who find it rewarding to share struggles, successes and advice with similar people. This 10-week program includes one 60-minute group session per week and three 30-minute one-on-one sessions with our own founder, Erin Lubien.

It is not easy running a business and sometimes we all need advice but not everybody at work or in our life understands. This program is designed for the dynamic business owner who is always thinking about what is next, how to grow, when and to whom to offer your solutions to the world. We explore accounting and finance, advantages and cons of outsourcing, business and affected relationships, ideation, decision making and much more.

You must apply to be considered for this Mastermind program. Your answers should be thoughtful and forthcoming so we can assess what you need and where your contributions will make the group successful.

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