35 is the new 65

There. I said it, went there, and am not holding back. Age discrimination starts at 35 years of age, mostly for women. How do we leave that behind? How is it that this huge part of our society is laid off, fired, transitioning into self-employment or otherwise unemployed?

Having worked for an outplacement firm supporting laid off executives early on in my career as well as having a father who was outplaced in the 80s when it was taboo, I was also laid off more than twice, once for having a child like my two colleagues who were also laid off had. Starting at 35 years old, it is harder than it is for younger professionals to find positions that aren't junior or where the hiring manager considers you a threat to their employment.

Why is it that leaders in business want to shave cost at the expense of expertise, adaptability and wisdom? At 39 for the eighth time, I think I am the best version of myself - personally and professionally. I cannot sit idle and wait for someone to magically shed their discriminatory practices, so instead, like so many others I know, I've launched this company (and a really cool networking group and podcast) to bring my communications, change management and team development skills to businesses fearing the plight of the over 35.

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