Embracing Rejection

by Erin Lubien November 11th, 2021

"If you don't have haters, you're not going big enough." ~ Donnie Boivin, Success Champion Networking. Today Donnie taught his crew of business owners from 42 chapters how to fall in love with those who don't buy from you. See, you're not a failure if someone you're speaking or you've completed an RFP for chooses to hire someone else, you are but an option of possibilities.

But how to really embrace rejection? Practice self-love and follow these words of wisdom:

  • Celebrate your wins - even along the way
  • Live in your successes
  • F*ck perfection
  • Be grateful
  • Internal celebration without external validation
  • Surround yourself with bigger people

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Rejection Advice from Business Owners
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