Are You an "Almost Leader"?

by Erin Lubien June 19th, 2021

Seems weird, right? But somehow, somewhere along the way, I lost faith in my ability to lead - I'm not good enough, smart enough, don't have the right experience. Who wants to hear from me? I was an almost leader. There, I said it. And yet, I have built communities of like-minded, informed individuals who are crazy amazing at what they do AND share themselves and their knowledge unguardedly.

Leaders aren't born, they are nurtured since birth and told it's okay to take risks, make mistakes and fall flat. We were told to dust ourselves off, pick ourselves up and keep going. Being the eldest of three girls, my father taught me how to change a tire, the oil, shake firmly and respect others. My mother taught me that when life hands you lemons, you use them to make money to support your family in bad times. This served me well...

Until I was sexually assaulted (colleague) and harassed (company president) and bullied (good ol' woman on woman hate). I am competition to small people with small minds, a threat and really intimidating. I am a partner to leaders and almost leaders alike. Are you too? Then join me on this parade of changing the way people do business in business, rewriting the business playbook. BE the leader you are destined to be, embrace it, get paid for the value you provide in the world. And treat everyone kindly and respectfully. I have a team of thousands of people like me who are destined to help you - each with their own flavor. Tap into this army of experts in uplifting and healing others.

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