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by Erin Lubien March 31st, 2021

The Best Way to Manage Change


Change is the only known constant in our lives.  It can create fear, uncertainty, insecurity and angst. When rolling out a change at the enterprise, department or individual level, leaders are often met with resistance due to their employees’ natural fears of the unknown.  How do we combat that?  Through transparent communication, clear information and team participation in creating the change.


Fear is fueled by not having enough information.  More information and making things feel familiar is the antidote to change; knowledge sharing alleviates others’ fear.  To implement successful change, stakeholder input must be valued. Change, growth and development will be part of your  philosophy in order to stay one step ahead in your industry.  Encouraging open mindedness and transparent communication curates smooth transitions and opportunities for growth. 


Clearly communicate with information that will help your constituents understand the reason for change and how the process will work so that they may adopt new technology, processes and procedures quickly.  This takes work.  Clear communication answers the 5 Ws & H - who, what, where, when, why and how.  Effective change management in your organization can happen with Empoweru Consulting Group’s PPO Methodology. 

“Communication is the antidote to change.”

Our Plan ♦ Prepare ♦ Organize (PPO) Methodology for Business

  1. Identify those impacted and what they are most concerned about - answer “how will the change affect me and how will it improve my work life?”  (Perspectives of Employee:  The way I do my job?  Scope and volume of work?; Customer:  The product or service we utilize?; Vendor:  My receivables?, Shareholder:  My investment?)
  2. Engage your team for input so they feel invested in the change
  3. Create an implementation plan with timelines (to be just-right timing) for the roll out and coordinate communications streams around the plan
  4. Create training and communications plans that include enough information at a time to educate but not overwhelm your average “consumer” 
  5. Be creative in engaging your audiences by making the change fun
  6. Make simple cheat sheets that encourage a pleasant experience; for products and services ensure your team has sales collateral, training materials, a team to call on for help support - specific tech, HR and management members 
  7. Allow mistakes because they will happen - roll with it and apologize for inconvenience, made possible by creating a no judgement policy; react quickly in a positive manner and see them as training opportunities

Clear communications and transparency

With a clearly communicated and transparent intent behind every change in your organization, you can successfully implement changes in many ways.  WIth time and patience for all parties involved, change can be a positive and painless experience when one plans, prepares and organizes with those impacted as the highest priority.

About Empoweru Consulting Group

A consulting firm helping business leaders plan, prepare and organize their companies so they can adapt and adjust quickly for sustained growth.  People-centric and team-focused, we help you establish effective strategies and plans so your constituents - internal and external - feel ownership of all your products and services.


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